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“I have been reading story books and writing experiences ever since I can remember. When I was young, my father would insist me to write about every trip that we made in a diary. With years, this habit had matured within me and I find happiness in capturing the good times in the form of poems and write-ups.
When I started writing a blog it was a secret hideout location which was hidden from the rest of the world. Never thought that writing down my reflections is going to culminate into this.
This blog began with writing poems. Then it got dominated by my other two hobbies- Travel and Food. Being a Bong, I am a foodie . I love eating out as well as cooking delicacies. I also want to explore and discover the treasures of this planet. My itchy feet and my greedy tongue are the driving forces behind my writing. On request basis, I do write about products after reviewing them (only if I found them interesting)
In my other Avatar, I have done BTech in Electronics and Communication, working in Telecom industry for the past 12 years. I am supported by Sourabh (my better half) and my loving son Rihaan.”

Monami mukherjee


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