Paatishapta is a mouth watering Bengali delicacy that can win hearts without much efforts.It is simple to make if few right ingredients are added in right proportions. It is generally prepared during Sankranti (Around January).Patishapta is one variety of Pithe- A sweet dish which is made out of jaggery, coconut and flour(rice/wheat). Its one of …

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Sooji Halwa

This one is for those with a sweet tooth. Halwa cooks in 7 mins and so it can be prepared without any preparation for a last minute sweet carving! INGREDIENTS:1 CUP SOOJI1 CUP SUGAR3/4 CUP GHEEA HANDFUL OF DRY FRUITS1 CUP WATERA PINCH OF SALT2 CARDAMOM POWDERED. PROCEDURE:In a nonstick cookware, pour the raw sooji …

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