”IRONIC” SALAD….Truth about Iron rich diet

‘Ironic’ Salad Iron is a mineral that’s necessary for  key life-processes in our body. It plays a main role in creation of red blood cells, which carry oxygen. If we are consuming less than the recommended dosage (8mg for adult men and 18 mg for adult women), our body would soon start protesting in different forms …

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Banana Bread

   With the increased use of carbides in fruits, they tend to ripen very fast. I remember when I was small, my mum used to keep Mangoes and Seetaphal inside rice container overnight. The fruits would become ripe enough to be edible the next day. Nowadays fruits like Bananas and Mangoes look green when we …

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Paatishapta is a mouth watering Bengali delicacy that can win hearts without much efforts.It is simple to make if few right ingredients are added in right proportions. It is generally prepared during Sankranti (Around January).Patishapta is one variety of Pithe- A sweet dish which is made out of jaggery, coconut and flour(rice/wheat). Its one of …

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