Besan Laddu Recipe

Perfect Besan Laddu Recipe

Besan laddu is a very popular and easy to make Indian household sweet. It is mostly prepared during festivities and celebrations. Besan laddu is not only delicious but also have a “melt in the mouth” texture.
Ingredients for this laddu is very simple. In a nutshell, Gram Flour (besan) is roasted with ghee and then powdered sugar is added which is shaped into round balls. Nuts, pumpkin seeds and raisins can be added as well. Though that sounds simple, it isn’t so 🙂
I have made several attempts and everytime there was some defect. Each attempt gave new learnings! Now that I have mastered the art and know all the tricks to make perfect Besan Laddus, I thought of documenting all the steps. So today I am going to share the recipe to prepare the perfect besan laddus from my experience. So here we go:

Ingredients for Besan Laddu:

  1. Besan / Gram Flour – 2 cups 
  2. Sugar- 1 cup
  3. Ghee- 1 cup
  4. Cardamom- 5 cloves
  5. Dry fruits- optional

RECIPE Duration:
30 Minutes

Procedure for Besan Laddu Recipe:

  • Melt the ghee, let it cool down a bit and then add the besan gradually. This prevents lump formation!
  • Keep stirring the besan untill the colour turns darker and the beautiful laddu aroma comes out. This usually takes around ten minutes. If the besan is not roasted properly, it will give a chalky and pungent taste. Making laddus is a test of patience, as you need to stir continuously such that the besan is evenly roasted in the ghee.
  • Grind the sugar along with the cardamoms and keep aside.
  • Let the besan mixture cool down for 10-15 mins. Now this is very important. If the mixture is too hot or too cool, it will ruin the laddus. Let the roasted besan cool till a time when you are able to touch it. Only then mix the powdered sugar. If the besan is too hot and you mix the sugar powder, it makes the laddu very hard. On the contrary, if the mixture is very cold, you will not be able to shape the laddus. So, you get brittle and loose laddus (utter disaster)!
  • Once the sugar powder is evenly mixed with the besan, start forming balls with the help of your palm and fingers pressure.
  • Around 15 medium laddus will be formed from the proportion of the ingredients used. You can increase/decrease the proportions based on your requirement.

Some tips:

  • Use a fresh packet of besan. Any good brand of besan will do. Personally I use Tata Sampann Besan. Gram flour has a small shelf life, so an old stock can produce pungent tasting laddus.
  • If you prefer super smooth laddus, you can use the finest variety of besan. There is a coarse variety available in market, for those of you who prefer the crunchy laddus.
  • For the crunch, some people add some sooji. You can give it a try if you want. But I prefer it plain (even without dryfruits).
  • If you are adding dryfruits or pumpkin seeds, it is essential to roast them before adding the same to the besan mixture. This will not only enhance taste, but also increase the shelf life of the laddus. However, if you are adding raisins, then you may not roast them.
  • Do not store laddus in refrigerator. Refrigerating laddus will make them very hard! Usually these laddus will last outside very well in normal steel dabbas or even plastic airtight containers. However, refrain from moisture (especially moist hands).
  • It is best if you use home made ghee, else any good brand of ghee will do (Example- GRB Ghee.) I have a previous post on homemade ghee preparation, which you can refer.
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