Paris: 10 Useful Tips for Smart Travel

1.      Buy a Navigo pass the moment u step in Paris. If your stay is more than 36 hours, it is convenient as well as economical to buy a weekly Navigo pass. This pass is available at the RER train station adjacent to CDG Airport. Infact it is available in all train/ metro stations/ RATP bus/ Trams and it covers all ground transport. Please do not forget to bring a passport size photo to get the physical pass. The physical card costs 5 Euros and the weekly zone 5 pass is priced at 22.8 Euros, which boils down to 27.8 Euros per person. This pass gives you the flexibility to travel seamlessly any number of times anywhere in the city. Please note Zone 5 covers Airport, Disneyland and Versailles Palace. All other city attractions are covered inside Zone 3. 
2.      Do not go for a ” Paris Pass” unless you are a museum freak and staying for a very long time at Paris. With Paris pass you have flexibility to travel anywhere in Paris any number of times (Navigo pass gives the same benefit at half price). Additionally, you get access to many museums free of cost and discounted tickets at many attractions. But usually the most famous attractions like Eiffel tower and Louvre have no discounts!
3.      It is better to stay in Air BnB than hotel as the former is cheaper, well maintained and you have cooking options. Food in Paris is a little difficult affair, so once a while you can buy instant noodles, eggs, milk and stuff like that from nearby supermarkets and make your breakfast or dinner. It not only saves money but makes your life easy.
4.      For purchasing Souvenirs, the best place to shop is Montmartre flee market. You get fridge magnets for 1 Euro and other souvenirs as well at a very pocket friendly price. Additionally, Sacre Coeur Cathedral is located adjacent to that street. This cathedral is the highest place in the city after the Eiffel hence you get a great view of the city from up there.
5.      Buy tickets for all attractions at least 2 weeks prior to your visit else tickets might get sold off. For on spot tickets, there is huge queue and there is no point in wasting time in the queues!
6.      Tap water in Paris at Airbnb’s are safe to drink. There is no need to buy bottled drinking water.
7.      It is better to take an early dinner cruise in the evening over Seine river than one in the day to get the magical view of fully lit City. Cruise starts opposite to the exit of Eiffel Tower. Dinner on cruise is pretty good and the whole experience is worthwhile.
8.      If you are planning to visit the Louvre, plan it on Wednesday or Friday evening as only on these days it is open till 10 pm. You can utilize day time to visit outdoor attractions and utilize the evening for Louvre. Please do not plan to visit on Tuesday, as the museum remains closed.
9.      We have referred to many apps during our visit. The app called ” Citimapper” had helped us a great deal to get exact route ( bus/train) from point to point.
10.  It is better to stay in central Paris, even if you pay a little extra. Areas which I suggest are Saint Michael Notre Dame or Saint Germain Des Pres. Also check that the place where you are staying should have metro stations in close proximity.
Paris View from Eiffel Tower
Paris View from Eiffel Tower


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