Sea Food Festival at Aloft Whitefield, Bengaluru

Sea-Food festivals are quite rare as compared to Kebab festivals, Biryani Festivals or even dessert festivals. So when a fish lover like me came to know about the sea-food fest at Aloft, I made up my mind to visit it.

Aloft Whitefield hosts this fest every Tuesday at its in house restaurant -Estia. A grand welcome at the reception and the lift to 2nd floor brought us to Estia. As the lift opened I felt like I have landed  somewhere in Santorini! The rustic interiors with white coarse walls and Blue outlines perfectly pictured the ambiance of a Greek restaurant.Lobby

Huge spread of sea-food counters is the first thing that one will notice after stepping inside. There is a lovely outdoor pool side seating area as well as a beautiful indoor dining area. Beautiful live music by artists enhanced the mood of this place.

The spread of seafood is not like a conventional buffet. The festival brings to your table the finest spread of sea food to relish with choice of fresh fishes, sauces, dressings and dips! The condiments they use, their preparation style, the way they marinate and finally the way they serve is right in front of your eyes… Choose your own fresh and raw sea-food and the type of preparation (Batter-Fry, Western Grill, Char-Grill etc)
One can taste the finest of white Pomfrets, King fish, Mahi-Mahi, Pink Perch, Red Snapper, Baby Octopuses, Oysters, Squids, Calamari, Cod, Tuna, Crab, lobsters, Clams and many others in both Indian and continental styles.
The ”Just in Time” kind of counters are not only for fish but for varieties of Rice and noodles as well. With the choice of your ingredients and sauces, they provide you, your customized dish. There is mashed potatoes, Gratin spinach corn, veggies and baby potatoes to team up with the sea-food and complete your starch quota.

They also serve Liquor including Beer and Wine (Red, White, Sparkling) which blend impeccably well with the piquant menu.

The menu had been carefully crafted and exquisitely curated by none other than Executive Chef Hafizulla Baig from Aloft.
He had been kind enough to give us all details about this sea food festival and provided us a walk through of the menu.  The video below captures the chef talk:

To begin with, I picked a Tuna and a Mahi Mahi in my basket and chef suggested the dressings for me. Once the fishes were ready, they were to be served on table. I also picked some baby potatoes, couscous and gratin spinach corn on my plate. It was interesting to see the fresh preparation of fishes right in front of my eyes! I have captured the video of  my fishes getting done:

The next round of food on my plate were some glass noodles with sea food and veggies. All the fishes were done extremely nicely. 

My friends ordered crab ghee roast- a Mangalorean delicacy, Neethli Fish Fry, Tempura Prawns and some beer batter fish n chips. I tasted some from them and got confused which one is the best of the lot as everything was equally delicious. However,  the Mahi Mahi in Indian spices and Char grilled King fish needs a special mention and a must try out here.

After the scrumptious affair with fishes, we went to the dessert section. Actually the salads and desserts were arranged on the same counter. It had sushi, salads and desserts. In desserts I tasted the very attractive looking Red Velvet cake, Almond mousse, Ghewar, Apple pie and walnut cake. The Ghewar was the best of all which was topped with Rasmalai and Pomegranate seeds.

Every aspect of this restaurant had been maintained to perfection. Be it food spread, taste, ambiance, staff- every thing is simply top class.

Now all this extravaganza at just Rs 1099+ taxes (without drinks) and Rs 1699+ taxes with Alcohol! Unbelievable, isn’t it?
 My evening had been a beautiful one and the visit was really worth. I had been extremely elated with my experience here and would surely drop in some Tuesday with my family again.

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