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Now a days people are looking at alternate ways to reinvent food. ”BURGERS” had always been tagged as unhealthy and junk. However my idea had changed completely about Burgers when I landed at Inhouse Burgers last Sunday with friends.
It is located in the food hub of HRBR layout with lots of restaurants to give a tough fight. Its situated on the 1st floor above BYLI’s. Inhouse is a relatively small outlet.
Interiors are cool and casual, nothing very specific to highlight. It is however decently decorated and clean place. The unavailability of AC is one thing for which we were a little uncomfortable. Upon opening the main door, the ventilation became fine later. There are lot of board games for passing time with friends.
They offer cold pressed juices, milk shakes of several variants, Burgers, Hoagies and Salads. The former come under the healthy segment. They do have a ”Cheat” segment where in all junkies like deep fried, cheese dripping items are available.
We were fortunate to have a word with the chef and he briefed us about the concept of healthy burgers. The chef talk video is available below:

Coming to each of the items that we tasted:
  •  Cold Pressed Juices: I have tasted Red Sun (Beetroot+Carrot+Orange juice) and Immortal (Mango+Ginger+Carrot) juice. I am not a health freak so I would not be able to appreciate the taste! However for those health conscious out there, Chef said that there are no added flavours and sweeteners. Those were completely natural juices and hence great detoxifiers.

  •  Shakes: We tried Vanilla, Strawberry, Chocolate, Hazelnut milk shakes. All the milk shakes were good but personally I liked Vanilla one, the best. Each milk shake got its creamy texture from oats blended with milk. Even in the shakes there were no artificial sweeteners added!
  • Burgers: Surprised to find Black and Red buns along with the normal Brown buns. Chef said that the black one is prepared from ragi, whole wheat and activated charcoal and the red one got its colour from beetroot. The patty is baked not deep fried. Each Burger had a lot of salads stuffed. Unlike other Burger joints they don’t use cheese and mayo to that extent, instead use salad dressings to retain the moisture. Everything compiled together no more makes their Burgers ”unhealthy”. Another thing worth mentioning was the excellent presentation and plating. Taste wise, the wham chicken grilled burger was the best as per me.

  • Salads: We have tasted Jerk Chicken Salad, Smoked Jalapeno salad, Veg Exotica salad and chicken sausage salad. I loved the Jerk Chicken and Veg Exotica one the most. All salads had a dominance of black cabbage, which I think should be a little less.


Portions were good but not huge for one person. Smoothies were a little heavy. Burgers were about average size. But you don’t feel heavy as the junk quotient is very less.
Wait Time:
The wait time was quite comfortable. All dishes arrived pretty fast.

Staff was courteous and polite.


I just loved to glance through the right side of the menu card as all items were quite reasonably priced. Its a deal now a days to get healthy stuff at unbeatable prices. The price is too good compared to the location and the ingredients they use. Other similar joints either charge super high or add adulterants. But Honestly, after having a hefty meal I felt very light and by evening I was again hungry!

Overall I was quite satisfied and happy to give a 4.25! Here goes my break up:

Food Taste:4.5/5
Food Quantity:4/5

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