Exquisite Walnut Desserts at Cafe Noir with Celebrity Chef Karen Anand


This weekend on 14th April, VR Bengaluru had curated a unique experience for dessert lovers and gourmet food lovers. We were introduced into a world of delectable desserts at Café Noir by none other than Executive Chef Alexandre Seince from Café Noir. French bakes is known world wide for their perfection and premium quality. One such secret for which their bakes are just awesome is the use of premium quality walnuts. The use of premium ”Californian Walnuts” in specific gives the right crunch and the flavour for the bakes at Café Noir.

The food bloggers table had been shared by Executive Chef Alexandre Seince from Café  Noir and Gourmet Guru, Chef Karen Anand. We all know how Karen Anand had influenced the way people eat and perceive food for the last 30 years. Being a restaurant consultant she had partnered with Chef Alexandre and enriched us with valuable information about desserts.  Chef Alexandre had been very keen on pin pointing how carefully the Californian walnuts are cleaned and packaged. He emphasized on the usage of premium quality walnuts else they turn rancid in a while. He also mentioned that Café Noir takes absolute check on the shelf lives of their bakes. Chef gave us insights about each and every dessert, their ingredients. Karen and Alexandre both agree that Indian ingredients are equally good but they loose their originality and flavour due to poor packaging of products and extreme climatic conditions out in India. The YouTube link for chef talk is available at: https://youtu.be/iTSGdGU2HZ4
With Chef Alexandre Seince and Chef Karen Anand

Café Noir has world wide presence and maintains the same quality and taste everywhere. Though it was a desserts day for me, other dishes peeping from the display were also tempting!

After a very informative session, we were privileged to taste 4 delicious desserts

prepared with premium quality Californian walnuts. And the next thing I knew that
every word said by chef is absolutely true! Anyone can make the difference in their
products. Taste, presentation, quality, aroma- everything is just too perfect! Some
of the desserts that we got a chance to taste were:

Caramel Walnut Tart– Extremely delicious just melted in mouth, the jelly like caramel filling, topped with walnut chips on top of the tart base was magical! Priced at 195 bucks, its just rightly valued with top class quality and taste.

Caramel Walnut Tart

Chocolate Walnut Truffle Cake– Another heavenly doze of delicacy! The warm chocolaty truffle cake was one of my favourites there. The portion is quite good and priced at 195 bucks.

Chocolate Walnut Truffle cake

Coffee Walnut Muffin– I can proudly say that I just had the best walnut muffin in my life! I really do not have words to describe it. Extremely reasonably priced at just 90 bucks only.

Choco Chip Walnut Cookie– Indeed a perfect cookie with just the right crunch and taste. Its however a little big in size and is quite filling unlike normal cookies. It is also priced at Rs 90, which according to me is slightly on the higher side.

Choco chip Walnut Cookie

Ispahan Macaron– They have devised this dessert as the dessert of the month. Its actually a French Macaron sandwich with strawberry and muesli cream filling and was served with one scoop of pistachio ice-cream. It looked beautiful and tasted even more beautiful. Reasonably priced at Rs 250, its just the right dessert to end your meal.

Ispahan Macaron

After the desserts session at Café Noir we were accompanied by Chef Karen to visit the  indoor Bengaluru Farmer’s market located at the lower ground floor of the mall. Karen is the founder of  Markets by Karen Anand – a wholefoods market event which takes place in 8 cities in India. Currently in Bangalore, this market was available only for 2 days (14th and 15th April). Its actually a plethora of natural products, home bakers, chefs and gourmands with their premium quality products.  There is a section for K’s range of products which is Karen’s own brand. Infact, Karen’s Gourmet Kitchen Pvt Ltd is one of the first companies in India to produce gourmet food products.
Among the many jams, sauces, sandwich spreads and dressings I loved the ”No added sugar Alphonso mango jam” and ”Singapore Chilli Garlic Sauce”. I bought a couple of them and planning to buy online in future from here..

Markets by Karen Anand
Top View of the Market
Karen Anand
Chef Karen Anand Announcing winners

From organic milk, honey, herbal tea, face-packs to handicrafts there were huge range of products in the fair. The best part was that each and every product was free from chemicals. There were some contests running as well for which Chef Karen gave away the prizes. Overall it was  a really ”sweet” evening and we had a wonderful time.


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