All about Ghee- An elixir for life


I have been asked many times by my acquaintances about the process of preparing Ghee. I am sure, many of us can recollect the pungent smell during ghee preparation during our childhood. It was a very common affair at that time. As we grew up we have started outsourcing most of the mundane rituals of kitchen work to market processed and preservative filled products. All thanks to urbanization and us becoming lazy bones!

Well, we are not to  be blamed totally as ”kitchen work” is still considered as a task ”exclusive” to woman kind. After managing office and family, taking out time for such things like ”ghee preparation” requires some extra passion either for food or for being a health freak.
Ghee is an elixir for life. It is better than butter as Ghee has a unique nutrition profile and a high smoke point. For people who are lactose or casein sensitive, they can use ghee because the process has removed all these allergens. It is a power house of fat soluble vitamins, supports weight loss, aids in digestion and boosts immunity. For more information on ghee benefits please read the below medical journal:

The process of preparing Ghee starts with collecting and storing cream or ”malai” from milk. Now-a-days people are inclined to double toned milk which has very little milk solids. So, such type of milk will not yield Ghee. Milk as such come from two variety of cows- A1 and A2. A1 cows are hybrid breeds. They produce much more quantity of milk as compared to A2 cows which are Indian breed cows. However, A2 milk is many folds more nutritious than A1 breed.Unfortunately the major vendors selling milk in India are supplying A1 milk. Its very difficult to get organic A2 milk. Some of the vendors selling A2 milk in Bangalore are listed below:

The cream or malai from A2 milk is yellow in colour. A litre of A2 milk costs between Rs 80 to Rs 100. Typically, cream or malai collected from a litre of milk for 7 days will yield around 250 grams of ghee! Sounds nice?
Here goes the steps for Ghee/clarified butter preparation:


  • Cream/malai -1 mug
  • Ice Cubes- 10


  • Whip the cream continuously for 5 minutes. As first, it will produce a cottage cheese like texture and become tight.

  • Upon further whipping for another 5 mins, the mixture starts becoming loose and leaves milk.


  • When all the milk has churned out, put the ice cubes. This process helps to separate the butter from the mixture.

  • Drain all the milk from the container and the remainder will be pure butter! We can directly use this butter by adding little salt. However, we should process more if we want to prepare ghee.



  • Heat a fry pan and add the extracted butter to it. Put medium to high flame and stir continuously.

  • Keep stirring  for 4-5 mins untill the milk solids turn brownish at the bottom of the pan.


  • When the Ghee is about to be ready we will observe that a thick foam layer is rising.


  • Simmer the flame at this point and keep stirring till the time the milk solids turn brown.
  •  Put off from flame and let it cool.


  • Now stain it to a clean glass container for storing. Ghee is ready! 

The brown coloured sediments can be used to feed kids by adding a little sugar. It is an excellent source of energy.  

Ghee can be stored and kept for years.

Some Ayurvedic facts about ghee:

  • It is said never to refrigerate ghee as its properties change.
  • Ghee when applied to belly button aids in fighting dry skin/ dry lips
  • One teaspoon of Ghee per day keeps bone problems at bay
  • Ghee and Honey should never be consumed at the same time.
  • Lighting a Ghee lamp/Dia works as spiritual healer


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  1. I love ghee. I can have any amount of ghee without worrying about the effects. I know ghee is the only things that cleanses your system completely.

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