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Rustic Stove stands on the 32nd cross on Jayanagar, an area much deprived of cafes and restaurants.

It is a small but cute little outlet with minimalist decor. We came here as a part of a review invite and were welcomed by Mr Krishna, who owns this place. There is nothing to highlight about the ambiance as everything starting from furniture, furnishings, cutlery, decor was quite basic. Lighting was good and seats were comfortable. This place can be a good option for a quick hangout with friends or even with family as it has a quite peaceful and decent surrounding.

The concept of this restaurant is fusion. If we glance at the menu card, the names of the dishes are very interesting and thought about. Most of the items come with a twist. Some of the eye stoppers in the menu card are: Tomato Orange Soup, Pineapple rasam, Kiwi Potato, Kerala Chicken skewers, Thai BBQ Chicken, Coriander Pesto Chicken, Mutton Coffee day, Bamboo Dum  Chicken Biryani, Omlette Biryani and Chinese Pasta. From the names we can guess the fusion of the cuisines.
People at this restaurant were very nice and humble. They addressed all our queries very patiently and detailed us about their food.
Coming to the food, we were first served Soups-  Oriental Seafood Soup (Non veg) and Broccoli & Mushroom Soup (Veg). The Non-veg soup was nothing special. Infact it was like a normal sweet corn soup base with added ingredients. The veg soup was something different as it had a very creamy base topped with coconut milk in which the mushrooms and broccoli complimented quite well.

We next had some appetizers in this order: 
  • Crispy Veg Bubbles- Very tasty and looked awesome
  • Paneer Pepper Fry- Again very tasty, a little overdose of pepper though!
  • Thai Barbeque Chicken- Whatever be the name, it tasted like murgh malai kebab
  • Fish Fry – It was pomfret fried with coastal spices and was quite good.
  • Chicken 555- It was around average and tasted like Chicken 65.
Presentation of all the items is commendable.  Every item looked yummy the way the plating was done. After having so much there was very little room for main course. So tasted their Tandoori Chicken Red roast with some roti and rice. They claim it to be tandoori chicken fused with barbeque sauce. However, the dish did not turn out as per the name. On the contrary tasted like chicken butter masala. I liked the rice, due to its unique taste. There was also also some penne pasta in green sauce. It tasted exactly the same as white sauce though green in colour!

A meal is not complete without some dessert. So I ended up having ice-cream with gulab jamun. My friends had Pan Milkshake shot which was average.

After having the food I can conclude that Rustic Stove has done a lot of innovation in their menu. However, they need to work a bit more to actually bring up the ”fusion” which they claim to be their USP. Having said this, another thing worth mentioning is the pricing. Though it was a complimentary meal, I managed to study the Menu book. I must say that Rustic Stove is very good for the pocket. Certain Items like Tea and Soups are extremely value for money, which is really good.  Overall, this is a decent place to be if you do not want to burn a hole in your pockets. Also there is a lot of variety in menu so there is something for everyone!

Here goes my rating breakup:

Decor: 3.5/5
Ambiance: 3.5/5
Food Taste: 3/5
Food Quantity: 4/5
Presentation: 5/5
Staff: 4.5/5
Pricing: 4.5/5

Final Rating: 4.0

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