The Brighter side of Brighton and Serene Seven Sisters

For my short stay at the United Kingdom, weekends were the most eventful times. Every week started with a tour plan for the upcoming weekend. Staying in a small town made us search for tours as Newbury was quite boring on the weekends.
I was lucky to find a bunch of travel buddies. On one Friday evening we racked our brains and  then ended up planning for the Brighton and Seven Sisters Trip.
Many of the recent trips which we had involved a lot of change of trains/buses. Huge time is wasted on connected commute. So this time we were willing to spend a little more and hired a cab for a comfortable trip.

Newbury was 130 miles away from Seven Sisters and Brighton is a further 20 miles away. We started early around 7:30 am. A two and a half hour drive was enough to reach the place. We were really lucky with the weather as it was bright and sunny.
The place was very less crowded but well guided with description boards and route maps. There is a Easy Access Trail at Seven Sisters Country Park which is suitable even for people with impaired mobility. Wheelchairs were available at the visitor center for this purpose. As we followed the guided trail, we could see stunning views of the countryside- green meadows and a small steam of water. A 20 mins trek took us to the beach. The trail follows the valley floor down to the beach and the mouth of the River Cuckmere which is approximately 2kms.


Seeing the milky white cliffs for the first time I was dumbstruck with the beauty. God must have been in his best mood when he designed this place! The Sea waves touching the pebbled beach with the milky white cliffs behold a heavenly sight. The place was colder than usual in spite of sun shone high.

The Seven Sisters Country Park is package of 280 hectares of chalk cliffs, pebbled beach, meandering river valley and chalk grassland. This is where the river Cuckmere joins the sea and is obstructed by a series of seven white chalk cliffs- the 7 Sisters. This place is similar to the famous White Cliffs of Dover, but the 7 sisters are actually whiter. The cliff ‘s face at Dover is protected, so has become grayish. The Seven Sisters are allowed to erode naturally so as to maintain their milky white appearance.  Haven Brow, the highest of them at 253 feet, stands majestically to the west of her other sisters who in order are called Short Brow, Rough Brow, Brass Point, Flagstaff Point, Baily’s Brow and Went Hill Brow. All the sisters were not visible as the later ones mixed with the clouds!

After spending a long time at the beach, we re-traced our steps back to reach the visitor center. The Visitor Center is situated in an 18th century barn, that provides useful information on the Park. It also has a small museum to display the artifacts.  There is a shop adjescent to the visitor center with leaflets, maps and souvenirs on sale.

Near by to the Visitor center, there is a restaurant. Tea Rooms garden -provides both traditional and continental cuisine. It has a beautiful walled garden which is a usual place to click pictures. We had some sandwiches and tea at the  Restaurant and then started for Brighton.

A 45 mins drive took us to reach Brighton. The city looked spectacular with beautiful and colorful houses on one side and sea on the other side.

Brighton looked a little crowded near the beach which had a giant wheel. The other attraction in Brighton was the Pier. It is open all days except for christmas.

Brighton Pier is a fun place. It has a Victorian construction with lots of places to eat and drink, fairground attractions and Palace of Fun arcade.  Brighton Pier is one of the top ten family attractions in the UK having something for all ages. 

We enjoyed the fun rides and then had the traditional fish and chips. We were lucky to see the beautiful sunset from the pier while relaxing in the free classic deckchairs provided. There were numerous birds that gathered around the pier during sunset and flew in separate batches in different interesting patterns.
We ran out of time to explore the Brighton city. Saw a beautiful mosque enroute back.  The day went very hectic but we enjoyed each moment. From the serene, solitary meadows  and white chalk cliffs at Seven sisters to the hustle bustle of the Brighton pier- It was a complete package of memories. 

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