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I had visited Earth Plate for a Saturday lunch as per invitation from Team Bluebeans for  reviewing this place. Earth Plate is very easy to find as its conveniently located in HSR Sector 7 on the main road.

A small lift takes you to  Earth Plate, which is on the second floor.
At the first glance, it did not look quite spacious but then I realized that it can accommodate around 50-60 people. A neat look with dimly lit atmosphere is what best described the scene. I could not find anything special about the ambiance. There is a good spread of buffet which will draw your attention first. The next thing I noticed was the menu which was ”HUGE”. Seeing so many options, with mice in my stomach it suddenly made me feel elated 🙂

The waiter handed me the welcome drink which was named ”Earth Plate special Mocktail”.
The welcome drink looked very appealing but did not turn out welcoming. It had an overdose of syrup and ice. So, I would recommend to try out other options that are available.

The chat items, starters and soups were served to us on the table.
I started with the sweet corn soup which was a way too sweet. It really turned me down as I believe that the taste of soup determines the ”taste” of everything else…(Well I might sound silly!) Then we were served starters on our table one by one. In the starters I liked the Drums of heaven, Tandoori Chicken, Baby corn salt n pepper and Cheese Rolls. The rest were just average. The presentation of the starters looked appealing.
Tandoori Chicken

Tava Fish
There were salads and pasta too which I could not manage to taste owing to having only a single tummy that too with a small capacity!
The arrangement of the Pani Puri was very cute and I could not resist having 4 off them! The tamarind water and the pudina water both were perfect in taste and served in beakers which I have last seen in my school days chemistry lab.

As the starters settled in my stomach, I lazily went for main course. I took a small portion of all the items to taste. To be honest all the dishes starting from Daal makhni, Panner item, kadhai chicken and ghost (Mutton) were a bit sweet. I love sweet but only in desserts not in main course.  The chicken dum Biryani was okayish. In Veg dishes, I liked the Aloo-gobi-matar. 
Breads were again served on table. Among the breads, the Masala kulcha was too good.
Kadhai Chicken

Mutton Curry and Egg Curry

Chicken Biryani

The best part of this buffet was the spread of desserts. The array in which Cheese cakes, mousse and pastries were decorated looked very beautiful. Each and every dessert was yummy. The Hot Gulab Jamun along with the Moong Daal Halwa topped the chart!
Rosogulla and Barfi


Cheese Cakes and Mousse

My Plate with Desserts 🙂

It really feels good to have great desserts if you have a sweet tooth like me. Though it was a complementary meal, the actual price of the buffet is 450+ taxes, which is quite reasonable.  Infact anything under 500 bucks in Bangalore’s market that serves these many items is a great deal.
Another point worth mentioning is that a couple of food reviewers including myself have suggested to decrease the sweetness in the main course dishes to the management. They were accommodating enough to serve us a better and softer version of paneer kurcharan  and kadhai chicken at the end of the meal. In fact they have managed to reform the taste of the dishes as per our feedback which is very much appreciated. This time it turned out far better than the original ones. Overall I enjoyed the luncheon and happy to give a 4 rating in all.

Here goes my Break up:

Food (Taste) : 3/5
Food (Variety) : 5/5
Ambiance: 3/5
Presentation: 4/5
Seating comfort: 4/5
Staff: 4/5
Price: 4.5/5

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Earth Plate, HSR

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