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Chai Galli stands just 200 meters away from my home in Kundanhalli Colony. It had opened just a few months back and yet I was’nt able to take out time to visit the place all these days. Actually I imagined that this place would be a desi version of cafe coffee day who serve variety of tea in place of coffee. But hearing very nice reviews from friends, I finally made up my mind to bump in for a sunday brunch.
The place reminded me of a bollywood set as I entered. Very interesting decor with different variety of kettles, teapots hanging here and there. Colourful chairs and old bollywood movie posters added a filmy and casual feeling. It was a way too crowded than I had expected and we had to literally wait for 5 mins to get a table for four.

Very interesting menu options available. And I was totally baffled what to order as all my favourites showed up in the menu card. Though we were just four of us but all are equally foodie. We ordered 3 teappots of different variations of tea:

  1. White Darjeeling Tea
  2. Kashmiri Kehwa
  3. Rajasthani Tea

The tea arrangement was immensely interesting. Each tea came in specific cutlery. The tea pot for kehwa and darjeeling tea came in glass and the rajasthani one came in porcelain pot. I also became fond of the stainer they gave for draining the tea for both the types of  tea liquor. Another amazing thing was a colourful sand timer which came along with the tea for measuring the strength of the tea.
The kehwa had real kesar and grounded almonds adding the perfect refreshing aroma to it. The darjeeling white tea which was sugar free , was also very refreshing. However, not all will appreciate it. We  had the Rajasthaani spicy tea at the end of the meal and it was equally good. It was served with Parle G biscuits 🙂

Apart from tea we ordered a number of breakfast items- Maggi Tadka , Mushroom and cheese Sandwich (4 pieces come per serving), Mashed Potatoes, Bombay Vada Paw, Poha and Masaala shots. Food arrived quite late, though the waiter apologetically reminded the same while we placed the order.  He was very jovial. When the food arrived, it completely compensated the wait!  I must say I had the ”bestest” maggi in my life. Topped with crispy fried onions, it was superb in every angle. 

The mashed potato was also very nicely done and was served with 2 portions of garlic bread and  mushroom-veggies . Bombay Vada pav was  excellent, remined me of the vada paw which I had in Mumbai. The sandwiches were also very nice. Only the poha was a little blan, though not bad. The masala shots were actually dry paani puri, served with chat mixture and sev. Fancy name !
After a long time I had experienced very tasty breakfast. Really appreciate the food. All of these costed us about 1000 bucks which I feel is just right.
Looking forward to visit this place quite often. 
Having said all that, my first zomato five pointer goes to Chai Galli. Yay!

Here goes my rating break-up:

Food- 5/5

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