Bhaath Ghum (Afternoon nap)

The tinkling sound of the afternoon rain
Knock-Knocking my ears, but in vain
My eyelids closed and forehead unperturbed
By the sound the clouds made as they watered…
Jealous of my peaceful and leisurely posture,
It loudened its streaks and harshened its gesture
But Alas! My cosy bed, blanket and curtains
Each one even more made it certain
To help me continue in the lovely dream
Away from the worldly madness and scream…
This wonderful nap after the fish and rice
Is priceless compared to the Hilsa’s price!
Aha…Now what the cacophony at this hour?
Oho…Its the cell phone ringing loudly there
Awake I lay and cursed the awful moron,
The enemy of peace- An electronic jargon!
Realising no control over man made junk,
Hid the poor thing under the trunk.
Again happy, was ready to fulfil the incomplete desire
Alas! this time my heart shattered by the deadly thunder
Which erased every nook and corner of my slumber…
I made up my mind and got up from bed
Needed some tea badly or else I am dead…
Sipping the tea by the window side, I enjoyed the rain
And forgot the incomplete “Bhaath Ghum” pain!

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