Dialogue in the dark

The name sounded very fascinating and without any background we went there for our anniversary dinner. I got an uncanny feeling when they asked to keep our belongings including cell phones inside a locker.
The reception person briefed us that we will be experiencing dinner in complete darkness and would be led inside by visually impaired person. As we entered, the curtain was closed and we were introduced to our blind attendant. She instructed me to hold her shoulder and keep walking. My husband was following me by holding my shoulder. We made a train of three. We started to go through a narrow passage next , one leading to another. One darker than the other. To be honest, I was scared to death. My husband’s constant cheer up was not sufficient for me. Finally she asked us to stop and feel the chair kept around us and asked to sit. The chairs were adjacent to a  table with some cutlery I think. She then asked us to be comfortable. Funny part is that there is no menu card and menu is a surprise! Even if they had one, who could read? The only choice she gave was veg or non-veg. In non-veg they only serve chicken, she said.
I was feeling suffocated due to the darkness. Kept on chanting in my mind that its all in my mind and I am quite safe.
Then came the food. I still don’t know what was there in the plate. Some rice, sabji, chicken, something like sprouts, nan, payasam- it was all side by side. While picking the food, I was struggling to make the right combination.  It was really difficult to eat and I realised how much we depend on sight among the other 5 senses. At one time I combined nan with rice and took the gulp!
For a while I wondered how life  would be without eyes. Thanked God for giving us the best gift. I could not eat much and insisted my partner to leave as soon as possible. The blind attendant was constantly beside us to assist. She finally took us back to the reception from the same spooky route. A feeling of comeback to normal life engulfed me and felt so free. It was very foolish of us not to do any homework and spoil our anniversary dinner in this way. I don’t mean to dishearten anyone, its just the wrong thing at the wrong time. Overall the concept is unique in its own way. But caution please prepare yourself before you visit there. My personal suggestion is to go in a large group and experience this place.

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