Local train

Carrying the load of a thousand men
Running steadily from dusk to dawn
Stopping for all yet waiting for none
Here comes the train and with a whistle is gone!
Platforms are flooded with people so different
Some going to office,  some college goers
Dressed in uniform school student
Struggling to grab a place to stand
And balance themselves with everything in one hand
By the other hand they hold on for support
Cursing the lucky ones who got a place to sit
Ear phones in ears,  most of them
Some playing games putting others to shame
A few reading notes from notebook or laptop
And some are sleeping with their heads unrest
Searching for peace is every soul
Perfectly utilising each moment whole
During their almost no delay train journey
Since rest of the day might not be in harmony
And here comes the hawkers with their magic bag
Unfolding beautiful things with no price tag
Carrying a complete household
Giving joy to passengers untold
As the train approaches each station
Passengers for their destination
Rush to make their way to the door
Hurting not cautious ones from here and there
As the new set of people come inside
With there Eagle like eyes searching for space
Following the same routine as previous
Fitting and accommodating every soul precious
At times one becomes befooled emotionally
To see the ailing, handicap,  blind or child begger
And bargain with conscience, how much to pay and settle the matter
To give and to rejoice
Is however a matter of choice!
Giving to a stout man with clear vision
Does that hold any good reason?
And bargaining from a toy vendor for a penny
Will that really increase your money?
Thinking of all such things during the journey
Are very few minds who only worry
Till the time their station reaches
Forgetting everything the journey teaches
The train does not think and worry
Of anything worldly and stays merry
Transporting people from here and there
Happy charging a bare minimum fare.

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