Team Meetings

Just after Lunch today- eyes are somewhat closed, mouth wide open yawn
Suddenly comes a meeting  popup, just like a HORN!
Reminder can be ignored for the first time
But there is no escape for the second,
Rushing to the meeting room to be on time
And the most boring meeting starts in a while…
”Cluster”, ”Server”, ”Billing” and other terms
Torturing my ears and taking on my nerves
Some guys are really listening
And others are merely pretending!
I am a sincere silent watcher
Of the whole drama show-casted here…
Though there are disturbances in this process-
Slumber, Wild Thoughts & monotonous speech
And some geneous concepts out of reach!
Still trying to show the audience
That I am listening with full interest and patience
Some days I browse my mobile
And Someday I look blankly at others
Today I thought of doing something else
Hence writing a poem for a change!

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