A magical Hawaiian Sunset

The 12 hour tour of the “Circle of fire”, Big Island
Could not tire us to explore more with less time in hand
Shopping at Queen’s market or Sunset at the beach now became a tie!
Shopping won as usual, we stepped out with enthusiasm high
The breathtaking view then changed the whole idea
Such was the beauty of the kingdom called “Hilton Waikoloa”

The blue sky and the bluer pacific ocean
The orange-red sun and the green green lawn
The palm trees dancing by the rhythm of the breeze
The waves hit the lava rocks and the mist they release
The pools and the sun beds and the sun overhead
The orangish tinge and the orchids so rugged
Are all calling me to see them, feel them and get lost
In their magical world, elegent, beautiful and so vast!

Then there is the solitary Buddha Point, which is so spectacular
And posing from there is a must for every traveller
The sun was coming down fast, the light diminishing
The  colour of the sky changing and the birds chirping.

And I got busy then, as time was flying fast
To capture the serenity with my camera for moments left few just…
The awaited moment came so quickly it seamed
The setting sun now for the last time bleamed
Suddenly realized that darkness had invaded the kingdom
And in my mind I started walking through memories random
Of the beautiful and magical Hawaiian sunset
Which would be just impossible in lifetime to forget…

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