Beguni is a tasty snack made with brinjal. You can enjoy begunis with tea or with khichdi on a rainy day…

1. A Small light weight brinjal with less seeds cut into very thin slices (preferably) with a slicer.
2. 4 Tabsps of bengal gram flour.
3. Musturd oil for deep frying.
4. 1 tsp poppy seeds.
5. 1/2 tsp onion seeds (kalonji/ kala jeera)
6. A pinch of turmeric
7. 1/2 tsp of soda bicarbonate.
8. Salt to taste.
9. A cup of water.
10. A pinch of powdered pepper.
11. A pinch of black salt.

 In a mixing bowl add the gram flour, salt, turmeric, soda bicarbonate, poppy seeds, onion seeds and mix well. Now add water to make a smooth batter with a consistency of cake batter.
Heat the oil in a deep pan. Now coat the brinjal slices on both sides and deep fry till light brown.
Spinkle some black salt and powdered  pepper and serve hot.

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