The Distinguished guest

The day was on the verge of end,
Suddenly in my home visited a friend…
With Happiness in my eyes, tears in my heart
I greeted him with a start
The empty fridge and a glance at the hour,
Filled my mind with enormous terror.
To my friend I tried to converse,
To give him comfort not to make matters worse…
My mind wandering for ideas to make
A simple delicious dinner for his sake
My hubby was dumbstruck with the plan spoil
Of a night show movie prior to dinner at royale
A flash of idea- I threw a direct question
“Did you have dinner or are u planning to do herein?”
“I havent, ahem well if u insist, your request I shall listen…”
God is too bad, I thought in my mind
Went to kitchen to device a recipe to wind
And manage the crisis with ease
Rice, Dal, Onions, cucumber, eggs n potatoes
Is all I have to combine n permute
With French Fries I started to begin with
Soon Rice n Daal and spices to ignite
Partly stir fried and partly pressure cooked
The formation of “Khichdi” appeared somewhat…
Scrambled eggs and a greed salad
Completed the list of my now presentable dinner
My guest looked happy and completed every bit sooner.
Minutes later he had left,
We started for the movie at last.
Still cursing our distinguished guest!!!

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