I lied to you

Restricted myself from my favourite food
Told you that I don’t like it
And used new adjectives to defend it
Coz I knew that you like it much more than me
And so if it were divided between the two
Your decreased share would give me woo
Hence, one small lie would simplify
Not my love to you that I justify
I would lie again & again- Its a great feeling
As long as your love is captivated in my ring…
I pretended to you
That I liked your gift & it’s the best
Brilliant, Unique and different from the rest
Though “Deodorant” perhaps is the worst present
Dumbish, unromantic and most indecent!
All that matters is the idea behind gifting
Which should be exclusive and heart lifting
Though I am down but shall not show
As long as in my heart the seeds of love grow!
I shout at you
For the trifling errors and silliest thing
I should remind- you have given me that wing
To snap you, scold you and tire
Stomp you with my words like fire
I am myself when I am with you
Words freely flow from mouth, do not queue
Unlike in others presence where I need to think and speak
And check if any of my emotions leak
I just love you is that not enough?
Hope my words are clear, not very tough
Why do I weep when you are the one
Who promised me that life would be fun
Do you have any answers for this “why”?
Alas you walk away with a sigh!

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