Year: 2017

”IRONIC” SALAD….Truth about Iron rich diet

‘Ironic’ Salad Iron is a mineral that’s necessary for  key life-processes in our body. It plays a main role in creation of red blood cells, which carry oxygen. If we are consuming less than the recommended dosage (8mg for adult men and 18 mg for adult women), our body would soon start protesting in different forms …

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The lost childhood

The industry of manufacturing the perfect childIs infectious and driving all parent-kind wildFor want of supreme praise,the way the parents raise,their ”products” now a days,Keeping the reality in hazeImposing their own dream in tender mindswho, though are born freeBut are ”wired” to always agree,to Elders who think they are always rightkeeping the little ones on their …

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Oxford in a day

During my Stay in the UK, wanderlust led me to search for all possible weekend destinations. One such destination was Oxford, which is a historic university city. Situated about 60 miles from London, makes it a comfortable day trip destination.  Apart from the fact that it is the oldest ever English university , Oxford has many things else to offer. From Stained glass churches, …

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